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Dietary advice and monitoring nutrition is important before, during and after surgery. Your diet plays a vital role not just in achieving and maintaining weight loss, but also for maintaining overall health and enjoyment of life. We find that patients who can eat a wide range of foods are more likely to have a better long-term outcome and are happier and more content. One thing you will never hear from us is... "you can never have........."

You will have a formal dietary assessment with our dietitians to discuss your current diet and how this may change after bariatric surgery. This appointment provides you with the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about eating after bariatric surgery and your weight loss expectations. Information will also be given to you in this appointment about the first stage of your diet immediately after surgery. In your first appointment with the dietitian, you will be given complete information on the Very Low Calorie Diet (VLCD) that we ask patients to comply with for two to four weeks before their surgery. The purpose of this process is to decrease the size of the liver and make it more pliable for surgeons to move out of the way to gain access to your stomach during the actual surgery.

Patients then have a further consultation with the dietitian, after surgery to discuss the second stage of the transition diet which consists of a gradual progression to a normal diet.

You will be given specific dietary advice depending on your individual situation and on whether you are having a laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, a Roux en Y bypass or revision surgery. We can also provide guidance for those patients who have had bariatric surgery previously, such as the gastric band, but feel they need more assistance in their lifestyle change. The dietitian can provide information on what to expect after your surgery, how to achieve the level of optimal health that you desire, and how to obtain the best possible nutrition from your diet in accordance to your unique work, personal and social commitments.

You can continue to have support with your diet, with our dietitians who are more than happy to help you with your individual dietary choices at any stage of your journey. Studies have shown that those patients who continue to have regular (6 monthly to annual) reviews with their bariatric centre, tend to be the most successful and happy with their personal experience with weight loss surgery.
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Diet/ Nutrition
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