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Comprehensive Medical Assessment

Unfortunately, part of being overweight is picking up subtle diseases along the way. The term morbidly obese means when your weight is actually affecting your health. It is important that you have a thorough medical assessment to make sure all these conditions are well controlled prior to an anaesthetic. This dramatically increases the safety of any procedure.

A significant component of your pre-operative care at Obesity Surgery WA consists of a comprehensive medical assessment with one of our Physicians, Dr Janet Barry or Dr Lynda Ashton. The assessment includes a general discussion and examination where relevant tests will be ordered.

Any obesity-related medical concerns that have arisen will be addressed. At this consultation you will receive an information pack regarding weight loss strategies, dietary, exercise and lifestyle advice and the surgical options available to you. You will be encouraged to read this information and raise any questions at your subsequent consultations with our team.  


Comprehensive Medical Assessment
Diet/ Nutrition
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